Month: December 2020

Social Sellers leverage home delivery experience to further increase holiday sales

This has been a great year for direct selling companies, and as we enter December we’re seeing social sellers getting another sales boost due to one of the industry’s traditional strengths. 

Personal home delivery during the holidays is shaping up as the next revenue booster for the channel. Shipping costs are up everywhere, and many ecommerce sites have had to post price increases to offset the increased delivery charges. Amazon Prime is no longer free two-day shipping – in parts of the country it can often take 3-5 days to get a Prime shipment.    A record number of deliveries will be late this year, and just today UPS has put shipping limits in place for major ecommerce companies –

Direct sellers have made home deliveries for decades, and now that strength is brightening the holiday season for their customers.  Many social sellers have customer orders shipped in a bulk shipment to their home.  They then package (and often gift wrap) these shipments before hand-delivering them to the front door of their customer’s homes.  Our distributor surveys are finding more social sellers than ever are grouping customer orders, and then shipping the combined shipment to their home via an expedited shipping method.  Personal hand delivery, often the same or next day, creates an exceptional customer experience.

This holiday season as online merchants and retailers are struggling to deliver a great customer experience, consumers are delighted by the personal service of social sellers.  We continue to see this channel posting a record holiday season, and we think the great customer feedback we’re seeing now bodes well for the channel during the challenging winter ahead.